Original Abstract Paintings For Sale

I have original abstract paintings for sale. These paintings were all painted by myself, Darryl G Green.

This original art for sale USA only unfortunately. It is my opinion that Shipping costs are probably too much to sell internationally. I guess I would sell a fairly small painting to a buyer in another country if they were willing to pay the shipping rates.

I only have a few original abstract oil paintings for sale. Almost all of the acrylic paintings that I have done are original modern abstract paintings.

I do now paint large original abstract paintings. I did not start with painting abstract paintings. Also I did not start doing large paintings either until fairly recently.

I am talking about painting my first
large original abstract paintings in 2016
I think. Not very long ago as I said. I like
painting the large abstract paintings. I think they would be perfect for many office walls.

They do take up a lot of room at my place though. So It’s very nice to sell one for more than one reason.I did have my original art for sale on ebay. But I did not like it there as an artist that platform encourages too low pricing. Almost all of my large paintings are original abstract canvas paintings. Just the canvas itself cost me more than people were willing to pay on eBay.

I do have a few original abstract paintings
for sale done on wood panels. One of my
very favorite paintings is one of these. You will see it below.


I have decided to feature that one to sell here. I call this painting Strange Fruit. Of course it is an original abstract painting also.

It measures 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide, or 48“ x 24“. This wood panel is specially made for me by a friend that is really good at woodworking, I did help a bit to build it too.

This very colorful abstract acrylic painting is on this heavy wooden panel. It’s very sturdy, almost too heavy to ship I fear.

Maybe I should not have this original art for sale online. But I say what do I have to lose? I am asking only $699 for it. What a bargain for such a unique, colorful and original abstract painting.

For purchase information let’s talk, please send me a text at 602-384-7837
Darryl Green

Also you can find more of my work available at the links below. You will find some of the art is on various products like T-shirts cell phone cases, purses etc. So please take a look.

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