Not So Abstract Flowers Only $99.99 Each For Original Paintings!

I am definitely behind in posting pictures of my recent paintings. Normally I produce abstract art and I have eased up on that recently and painted flowers. Painted a series of three paintings all 24“ x 24“ on a panel. As you can see all three are somewhat similar but also different.

I guess either you like them or you don’t.
I did show the photos to one of my friends and he said he liked the leaves. I did try to paint nice leaves that would be a bit different with the first one. I was still rather restrained I guess you could say with the leaves and the second one. I see that I loosened up more in the third one, and those are my best leaves.
That was the painting my friend was talking about.

I think that I will keep which painting we are talking about to  myself and allow you choose the one that you like best.

I suppose if I keep painting flowers they will get better and better but I’m kind of bored with that. So I want to get back to a more abstract type of painting. I have to move on to something else more contemporary to fully express my true self.

Really after these flowers I have three more paintings I have finished. All of them are definitely more abstract and contemporary. I could post them I suppose, but I think that I will save them for next time.

I just remembered I have not finish setting up the shopping cart for this website so if you would like to purchase any of my hard work you have to contact me and I will handle the transaction through PayPal.
I think that these flowers might sell.

In fact just to make sure I will price them low at only $99.99 each! That’s right less than $100 for an original piece of artwork one of a kind. The only one like it in the whole world! So make your choice before they sell out!


 Original Flower painting under one hundred dollars!








Darryl Green