Newer Abstract Paintings From Darryl Green

I have not stopped painting my abstract paintings at all. I just failed to keep my website updated as I should. That was totally my fault. My focus became divided. I was tempted to do other things to create more income. However my heart was not in my new venture. So I stopped trying to sell insurance.

I am an artist, not a sales person. I just recently connected with an International Art Dealer and Art Consultant on Linkedin. I don’t want to give his name without his permission. However he says that my painting is fantastic! That was great to hear just for my confidence if nothing else! So I will show everyone a few photos of some of my more recent original abstract paintings now.

Below It All
Dream Walker

Both of these original abstract paintings are done in acrylic paint. They both measure “18 in. x 24 in” on canvas. I have more new paintings as well. To see exactly what I have posted for sale online please just visit the sales website where paintings and prints may be purchased at a low cost.

Thank You!

Darryl Green