Newer Abstract Paintings By Darryl Green

I thought it was about time that I updated my painting website here. So I will post some photos of some of my newer abstract paintings. These paintings are 30″ x 40″ on canvas. I use acrylic paints. Sometimes I also mix in pastels as well as spray acrylic paint. The painting below is done in acrylic and pastels. No spray paint as I remember it.

Streams I Remember

This large abstract painting is called Streams I Remember. Why is it called that? Well the painting is abstract. The sometimes requires the artist to explain what he has painted. Sometimes we as artists can’t put into words what we have painted on canvas, or on whatever surface we have painted upon. Why you might say?

The Paintings Speak For Themselves


This particular painting is called Contemplation. If you understand the meaning of that then you should see that reflected in the painting. I do. This painting makes me want to stop slow down gaze upon this painting and become thoughtful more about my life. This large abstract painting measures 30″x 40″ on canvas. It is painted in acrylic paint and pastels a little.

Land of Mystery

This Land of Mystery is another one of my recent abstract paintings. What I mean by recent is that I painted this painting in the last six to eight weeks. I call this one Land of Mystery because that what it looks like to me. Is it Egypt? No I made it up as I went along. So technically I think that you can say that this is possibly an Abstract Expressionist painting. Call it whatever style you like. The question is do you like my painting? I do! I hope that you do as well! This last painting is also 30″x 40 inches on canvas. I also used acrylic paints and pastels. Plus I do believe that there is some spray acrylic paint in this abstract type painting.

That Is All! I Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit!

I don’t like to write a lot on these posts. I am better off with expressions using paint. At least I hope that I am! Otherwise I should have been a writer instead of my becoming a painter. By the way, if becoming an artist, a painter yourself, click here! If you ever want to see all of my paintings and prints that I have for sale please visit my sales page.


Darryl Green

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