Gerhard Richter Inspired Abstract Paintings by Darryl Green

Gerhard Richter  perhaps  the worlds greatest living artist inspired me to start painting again after I had stopped altogether, so I owe him much. Then I started doing abstract paintings inspired by the style of German painter, Gerhard Richter.

When I saw the drama his abstract painting style creates, I had to do this myself. Of course I don’t have Richter’s studio, his experience or expertise. I have no inside knowledge of his technique either, just what I saw on youtube.

I just do the best I can yet not trying to copy Richter, and yet still have the paintings become my own abstract style. I also charge only a small fraction of what I think that he does for a painting.

I say small but even that change is huge. I believe he gives oil paints and I use acrylics for example.

Here is a picture of a Richter abstract painting.


I have a number of original abstract, and other paintings to sell. I have dozens of pieces that I have painted so I”m really motivated to move them! I seek to help others open their eyes to the beauty that is all around us all of the time. You may have to look a little deeper to see it but it’s there. I often like the viewer of my art to be challenged in the process to identify exactly what he or she is seeing.

Still For Sale! One of my attempts at Richter.s style. A small painting of 16″ x 20″ I believe

I’m asking $175 I have a few more similar ones for sale too.

I want to add more beauty to the world and also add more beauty to your life by having my art in your home or business. I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be like a pipeline that the art flows through. At times I even feel that God or the Eternal Spirit is painting through me, because surely I am not capable of that work all on my own.

Now only a few of my art pieces feel spiritual to me, but they all have that potential to inspire the soul of a human being. That is my goal to inspire you and to uplift you, the viewers of my paintings.

Thank you

Darryl G Green

One of my Richter style that sold

The work  is available for sale at  reasonable prices. For now until I get things properly set up just text me please for more information about sales at 602-384/7837.
I repeat please text me before calling. Thanks. Meanwhile you can find some of the work at these 2 links Wall Art Store Plus

Red Bubble.com 

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