Sometimes I find myself really intrigued by the drama found in the contrast between black and gold in an original abstract painting. I have painted a few of them trying to create just that right mysterious look and feel in the painting.

There is something about peering into the darkness that sometimes captures our imagination. Perhaps it takes of back to childhood memories when we were more fearful of the dark because there might be some sort of bogie man hiding there in the darkness. Right? You remember those days yes?

Or perhaps I am speaking only about myself, and my own childhood. It is so hard to tell without any immediate feedback. But really in the paintings that I am talking about here, you will see darkness but there is also light to be found. This is surely not the forces of darkness versus the forces of the light. This is just my original paintings on a canvas or a painted wooden board that I am talking about. This is not Star Wars, or anything real at all other than art.

I am just Darryl Green only an abstract painter at this point. Though I would love to work in the movies. I try to capture your imagination with my limited tools of paint and canvas. I don’t have the luxury of a soundtrack, a script, actors, or even a set to tell my story to you like on the big screen. But please try and look deeply into my original abstract paintings and perhaps you will find a story.

This first abstract in black and gold is 24″ x 24″ on a board. I can sell it to you framed or unframed. Square frames are not that easy to find so I recommend buying it framed. Of course that adds to your shipping costs a little. But it’s no doubt a lot less expensive than purchasing another frame for this fine looking abstract painting in black and gold. I have similar works for sale on Saatchi art for $445. But I want to sell my art so I will reduce the price for this original abstract painting by Darryl Green all the way down to $300!

My work has been purchased by 5 star resort here in Phoenix where I live. The Phoenician Resort, so I am recognized locally as an artist to support. The next black and god painting is one of my very latest paintings done in 2018 here. I call it Gold Mine. It is 40″ x 30″ on canvas. So in the same spirit of moving this art to a nice wall space outside of my galley, I will sell it for only $300! Shipping could be a problem for such a large painting depending on where you live. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
Darryl G Green




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