Beautiful Abstract Paintings Now on Sale!

I feel kind of guilty I have been neglecting to make a regular post on my art blog here. But more importantly I have not stopped painting. Actually I have been pretty busy and I’m not going to talk about all the work I’ve done on this one blog post just to try to catch up.

What I will say is that I have painted a couple of paintings which were kind of experimental. I’m not going to give either one a 9, or a 10, but they do look good.  The first one is like looking down on the coast line from above.  So far I have not given it a title.


The second one I call the Vine.

And I have a few more abstract paintings  below here which I am also excited about. I think these have a different look than I am known for. These I admittedly like better. I have used  glitter on a few of these paintings which I’ve never done before but it seemed appropriate.  I have a another good abstract painting where I used glitter which may be my favorite. My bad, I have not taken a photo of it yet. So it will be on my next blog post.  Don’t plan on making a regular habit of using glitter but for now he seemed appropriate.

Particularly for these particular paintings when you see this style of that you will understand it. I feel it just fits. Of course that is just my opinion. However I am the artist so my opinion does count a lot in this regard.

There are three of these paintings. The first one I called space flower. This is the one you see below here.

The second litter painting just called pulsing with excitement. That one you see below here.


They are both 24“ x 24“ acrylic on board well it’s actually multi media because I use glitter and perhaps some spray paint.

The last one which I will put below here I  did not come up with a title for it yet.   It is an abstract painting also  24“ x 24“ done with acrylic paints.

I want to move my paintings I’m getting too many around here so I’m having a sale! All of my 24“ x 24“ paintings are only $299.99 until further notice. If you are interested in a sale please contact thank you very much for reading and visiting my blog.

Darryl Green
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