I thought it was about time that I updated my painting website here. So I will post some photos of some of my newer abstract paintings. These paintings are 30″ x 40″ on canvas. I use acrylic paints. Sometimes I also mix in pastels as well as spray acrylic paint. The painting below is done in acrylic and pastels. No spray paint as I remember it.

Streams I Remember

This large abstract painting is called Streams I Remember. Why is it called that? Well the painting is abstract. The sometimes requires the artist to explain what he has painted. Sometimes we as artists can’t put into words what we have painted on canvas, or on whatever surface we have painted upon. Why you might say?

The Paintings Speak For Themselves


This particular painting is called Contemplation. If you understand the meaning of that then you should see that reflected in the painting. I do. This painting makes me want to stop slow down gaze upon this painting and become thoughtful more about my life. This large abstract painting measures 30″x 40″ on canvas. It is painted in acrylic paint and pastels a little.

Land of Mystery

This Land of Mystery is another one of my recent abstract paintings. What I mean by recent is that I painted this painting in the last six to eight weeks. I call this one Land of Mystery because that what it looks like to me. Is it Egypt? No I made it up as I went along. So technically I think that you can say that this is possibly an Abstract Expressionist painting. Call it whatever style you like. The question is do you like my painting? I do! I hope that you do as well! This last painting is also 30″x 40 inches on canvas. I also used acrylic paints and pastels. Plus I do believe that there is some spray acrylic paint in this abstract type painting.

That Is All! I Hope You Enjoyed Your Visit!

I don’t like to write a lot on these posts. I am better off with expressions using paint. At least I hope that I am! Otherwise I should have been a writer instead of my becoming a painter. By the way, if becoming an artist, a painter yourself, click here! If you ever want to see all of my paintings and prints that I have for sale please visit my sales page.


Darryl Green

Phoenix Scottsdale Area Abstract Paintings by Darryl Green

Hi I’m Darryl Green. The Phoenix Scottsdale Glendale area has been my home now since June 1976. I have seen and experienced a vast amount of change in the Phoenix area in those years. 

One thing that has changed is me. In 1976 I was not at all an artist. But over the years I have become a professional abstract or Contemporary painter to be exact. 

When I began painting I was my wife’s assistant. I didn’t know how to paint anything artistic. She had been trained in college. She decided to earn extra money by painting Christmas decorations all around the valley. 

We painted Christmas windows a lot in Phoenix and Glendale, Scottsdale and Tempe AZ as well. For us it was great extra money every Christmas season. It was there that I began my journey to become a professional artist. 

Eventually I got divorced. Gradually it became my desire to become an artist on my own. So I took art classes at various places, including the Phoenix Art Museum, and The Scottsdale Artists School. 

In the beginning I didn’t even know what medium I would want to paint in. So I tried almost everything. Eventually I settled upon acrylic paint. 

In the beginning I didn’t have much skill because I didn’t attend any full time art Instruction. I worked full time. I certainly didn’t have my own style of painting.

It took me years to become good enough to sell a painting. But it was worth it for me. I have had many solitary hours filled by my painting. My art is like a living thing for me while I am creating it until the painting dries. 

I didn’t begin painting abstract paintings either. Once I settled upon a medium. I was trying to be an impressionist type painter. I never really got very good at it. 

So I stopped painting for a while. Then one day I watched a documentary about the German artist Gerhard Richter. If you don’t know his work, he’s amazing.

Richter Painting



Gerhard Richter is a very successful abstract painter. He is of the best and most important artists in the world.  I was very inspired by his painting and his painting process. I decided to emulate his style as well as I could. Magically I started to sell paintings. 

Gradually my own style began to emerge. Then I improved to the point that I was asked to paint for the Phoenician Resort near Scottsdale (AZ). In the end the Phoenician Resort purchased two copies of my paintings. We then had them both scanned to become 20 percent larger. The painting below is a tribute to former guitar hero’s Jimi Hendrix and Prince. He is looking in a mirror. It is 24 in x 24 in on canvas.


The hotel wanted the 2 abstract paintings as large as possible. My paintings were considered small for a big resort. So guess what? I still have the original of both paintings for sale. The one below is called Arizona Heat,

It is 24 in x 24 in on a board. Easy to be framed.



I will sell them both at the low low price of  $300 each. If you are serious about either one or both please contact me. I am sure that we can work out a deal. 


Darryl Green 


602-384-7837  please text don’t call for sales

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I am an abstract artist, a painter in fact. I have made it a goal to sell more of my paintings in 2018. Not because I’m hungry for money at all. It’s just that painting can be expensive with everything that an artist needs to purchase.

I am looking for people to buy abstract paintings from me. I think that some of my abstract paintings are perfect for office walls. They work well for hotels as well. I have such clients already. Well one big hotel anyway, a big resort in fact has recently purchased two paintings from me. They were frugal and did not purchase the original abstract paintings from me but purchased copies. You can see the two paintings on my home page here if you like.

The resort has my abstract paintings right by the elevators where everyone can see them. I need to find some more great clients like that to buy abstract paintings from me. I have better paintings now. They are larger acrylic abstract paintings worthy of art for the office, or even a big resort.
So if you do have an office that you can purchase art for then please check and see that I have the perfect art for the office in my collection.

Of course everyday people that don’t buy art for offices or resorts also buy abstract paintings for their homes. I know, I sell to them too. I have so many abstract paintings for sale I need to target everyone possible. It is clear that everyone cannot afford the cost of even my modestly priced original abstract paintings.

So I have partnered with a company named Pictorum to provide low cost prints of all of my paintings and my photography. The artwork will be available in various sizes. I can see that they also provide you with many other options. Just click on the link on the link above ,or below, and explore my artwork and photography. My photography collection includes many travel photos that you are sure to enjoy.

Darryl G Green

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Sometimes I find myself really intrigued by the drama found in the contrast between black and gold in an original abstract painting. I have painted a few of them trying to create just that right mysterious look and feel in the painting.

There is something about peering into the darkness that sometimes captures our imagination. Perhaps it takes of back to childhood memories when we were more fearful of the dark because there might be some sort of bogie man hiding there in the darkness. Right? You remember those days yes?

Or perhaps I am speaking only about myself, and my own childhood. It is so hard to tell without any immediate feedback. But really in the paintings that I am talking about here, you will see darkness but there is also light to be found. This is surely not the forces of darkness versus the forces of the light. This is just my original paintings on a canvas or a painted wooden board that I am talking about. This is not Star Wars, or anything real at all other than art.

I am just Darryl Green only an abstract painter at this point. Though I would love to work in the movies. I try to capture your imagination with my limited tools of paint and canvas. I don’t have the luxury of a soundtrack, a script, actors, or even a set to tell my story to you like on the big screen. But please try and look deeply into my original abstract paintings and perhaps you will find a story.

This first abstract in black and gold is 24″ x 24″ on a board. I can sell it to you framed or unframed. Square frames are not that easy to find so I recommend buying it framed. Of course that adds to your shipping costs a little. But it’s no doubt a lot less expensive than purchasing another frame for this fine looking abstract painting in black and gold. I have similar works for sale on Saatchi art for $445. But I want to sell my art so I will reduce the price for this original abstract painting by Darryl Green all the way down to $300!

My work has been purchased by 5 star resort here in Phoenix where I live. The Phoenician Resort, so I am recognized locally as an artist to support. The next black and god painting is one of my very latest paintings done in 2018 here. I call it Gold Mine. It is 40″ x 30″ on canvas. So in the same spirit of moving this art to a nice wall space outside of my galley, I will sell it for only $300! Shipping could be a problem for such a large painting depending on where you live. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
Darryl G Green




Learn To Draw Now – It’s Never Too Late 

Abstract Paintings By Darryl G Green

I do paint abstract paintings. I could also call them modern art paintings also here. I say that because, I usually paint intuitively using acrylic paint and end up with no figures at all in my paintings. So the results end up as modern art paintings or an abstract painting whatever you choose to call them.

I rarely use paint brushes anymore. I typically choose other ways of applying paint to my surface. I am not even above using my finger or fingers to have the most control possible over the entire painting process. However long before I was ever born, this type of painting was already called abstract expressionism. There is very little that is new in this world.

Usually when I start my abstract painting, I only know the first color that I intend to use. Perhaps I have decided even the first two or three colors that I want to use. After that the intuitive part of me just takes over and I just go with how I feel. Knowing what sort of look that I am trying to achieve, might influence my choice of a color of paint to use next, or what I need to do to apply it to achieve the effect that I desire.

Of course in this fluid creative process, it depends upon where one is at in the composition as well. In the beginning of a painting, it matters a lot less what I really do. I say that because, It’s likely to be at least partially covered anyway. That is because I paint in layers to add more depth to my paintings.

If I had to describe my work, I would call it abstract impressionism. My painting usually is abstract, yet I do choose to include impressions of people, objects, or even a landscape in my paintings.

Yet my entire modern art painting process continues to evolve. I once just picked up a brush and paint, and just went to work. Not anymore! Now as I said I decide upon a color or two. Then I decide how I want to apply it to my modern art paintings.

After that I may go with a trowel, or a silicone spreader, or sponges, a squeegee, pour the paint, or just my fingers. Now I have started to use spray paint too. It’s abstract intuitive painting, so It’s what I feel is
right at the time. I actually might include several of these in a single painting before it is done.
602-384-7837 … best to text me first before calling!

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Gerhard Richter  perhaps  the worlds greatest living artist inspired me to start painting again after I had stopped altogether, so I owe him much. Then I started doing abstract paintings inspired by the style of German painter, Gerhard Richter.

When I saw the drama his abstract painting style creates, I had to do this myself. Of course I don’t have Richter’s studio, his experience or expertise. I have no inside knowledge of his technique either, just what I saw on youtube.

I just do the best I can yet not trying to copy Richter, and yet still have the paintings become my own abstract style. I also charge only a small fraction of what I think that he does for a painting.

I say small but even that change is huge. I believe he gives oil paints and I use acrylics for example.

Here is a picture of a Richter abstract painting.


I have a number of original abstract, and other paintings to sell. I have dozens of pieces that I have painted so I”m really motivated to move them! I seek to help others open their eyes to the beauty that is all around us all of the time. You may have to look a little deeper to see it but it’s there. I often like the viewer of my art to be challenged in the process to identify exactly what he or she is seeing.

Still For Sale! One of my attempts at Richter.s style. A small painting of 16″ x 20″ I believe

I’m asking $175 I have a few more similar ones for sale too.

I want to add more beauty to the world and also add more beauty to your life by having my art in your home or business. I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be like a pipeline that the art flows through. At times I even feel that God or the Eternal Spirit is painting through me, because surely I am not capable of that work all on my own.

Now only a few of my art pieces feel spiritual to me, but they all have that potential to inspire the soul of a human being. That is my goal to inspire you and to uplift you, the viewers of my paintings.

Thank you

Darryl G Green

One of my Richter style that sold

The work  is available for sale at  reasonable prices. For now until I get things properly set up just text me please for more information about sales at 602-384/7837.
I repeat please text me before calling. Thanks. Meanwhile you can find some of the work at these 2 links Wall Art Store Plus

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