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by me Darryl Green. Plus you can get my high quality original art images applied to your men’s and women’s T-shirts,throw pillows,coffee mugs,tote,bags,purses,Stationery,greeting cards,iPad Case/Skins and of course it is available on posters, art prints and more here

I am an abstract artist, a painter in fact. I have made it a goal to sell more of my paintings in 2018. Not because I’m hungry for money at all. It’s just that painting can be expensive with everything that an artist needs to purchase.

I am looking for people to buy abstract paintings from me. I think that some of my abstract paintings are perfect for office walls. They work well for hotels as well. I have such clients already. Well one big hotel anyway, a big resort in fact has recently purchased two paintings from me. They were frugal and did not purchase the original abstract paintings from me but purchased copies. You can see the two paintings on my home page here if you like.

The resort has my abstract paintings right by the elevators where everyone can see them. I need to find some more great clients like that to buy abstract paintings from me. I have better paintings now. They are larger acrylic abstract paintings worthy of art for the office, or even a big resort.
So if you do have an office that you can purchase art for then please check and see that I have the perfect art for the office in my collection.

Of course everyday people that don’t buy art for offices or resorts also buy abstract paintings for their homes. I know, I sell to them too. I have so many abstract paintings for sale I need to target everyone possible. It is clear that everyone cannot afford the cost of even my modestly priced original abstract paintings.

So I have partnered with a company named Pictorum to provide low cost prints of all of my paintings and my photography. The artwork will be available in various sizes. I can see that they also provide you with many other options. Just click on the link on the link above ,or below, and explore my artwork and photography. My photography collection includes many travel photos that you are sure to enjoy.

Darryl G Green

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