Abstract Paintings of 2020 For Sale

I continue to paint my abstract paintings, and they continue to sell. Thank you public for liking my abstract paintings enough to spend your money on them. I am placing a video of some of my newer paintings below here. Hopefully you will see one of my abstract or also called contemporary paintings that you want to have on the walls of your home or business.

I am open to painting a custom painting for you if you like. we can work together to plan something that you specifically like. I am somewhat flexible on what I paint. I can paint other things than what you see. so let me know if you would like me to paint something special for you.

Also I should let you know that prints are available for purchase for some of my paintings. Unfortunately not all of my abstract paintings can be made available for prints. Of course the purchase of a print of one of my paintings would save a person considerable money. Naturally the abstract prints would look exactly the same as the original abstract painting.

Another important issue that I also want to mention is the fact that some of my photographs are also for sale now. I have some very unique and one of a kind photographs that are quite artistic in their own way. You may go directly to price and purchase any of my contemporary paintings or photos at http://sales.paintingsorprints.com


Darryl Green