Abstract Paintings By Darryl G Green

Abstract Paintings By Darryl G Green

I do paint abstract paintings. I could also call them modern art paintings also here. I say that because, I usually paint intuitively using acrylic paint and end up with no figures at all in my paintings. So the results end up as modern art paintings or an abstract painting whatever you choose to call them.

I rarely use paint brushes anymore. I typically choose other ways of applying paint to my surface. I am not even above using my finger or fingers to have the most control possible over the entire painting process. However long before I was ever born, this type of painting was already called abstract expressionism. There is very little that is new in this world.

Usually when I start my abstract painting, I only know the first color that I intend to use. Perhaps I have decided even the first two or three colors that I want to use. After that the intuitive part of me just takes over and I just go with how I feel. Knowing what sort of look that I am trying to achieve, might influence my choice of a color of paint to use next, or what I need to do to apply it to achieve the effect that I desire.

Of course in this fluid creative process, it depends upon where one is at in the composition as well. In the beginning of a painting, it matters a lot less what I really do. I say that because, It’s likely to be at least partially covered anyway. That is because I paint in layers to add more depth to my paintings.

If I had to describe my work, I would call it abstract impressionism. My painting usually is abstract, yet I do choose to include impressions of people, objects, or even a landscape in my paintings.

Yet my entire modern art painting process continues to evolve. I once just picked up a brush and paint, and just went to work. Not anymore! Now as I said I decide upon a color or two. Then I decide how I want to apply it to my modern art paintings.

After that I may go with a trowel, or a silicone spreader, or sponges, a squeegee, pour the paint, or just my fingers. Now I have started to use spray paint too. It’s abstract intuitive painting, so It’s what I feel is
right at the time. I actually might include several of these in a single painting before it is done.
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