Abstract Painting Clothing Designs

Recently I have built an online boutique and art shop. My objective was turning my abstract art paintings into designs for clothing. I did not really even know if this idea would work. 

So I did the research on whether or not I could make the idea work. To actually use my abstract paintings as designs for clothing. I absolutely found out that I could that. 

Then I had to figure out how to do that.  Also I did not just want my artwork designs to be on clothing. I wanted my artwork printed into the fabrics.  I found out that it is a 3D print process is what will work for me. 

So then I realized that I needed to research which website to use to print my abstract paintings onto clothing. After I discovered that there are about 50 companies to choose from. I was finally able to choose the best printer for my artwork and fashion design business.

Then guess what, you can’t sell the designer art clothing on the printing website. My business had to be connected to an e-commerce website. So I chose Etsy, because I already had an account there.  Then I connected the two  websites. 

My designer art inspired clothing site has now been online for about 6 weeks. I have had a couple of sales, but sales should be higher. I don’t think that I have enough exposure to the right people yet. 

This is a long term process for me. So I’m excited to be adding as many products as I can. Hopefully I can continue to do so. I know that I’m too late for Christmas, but hey I’m very very early for next Christmas!


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Darryl Green