My Impressionist Like Flowers May Be My Best Painting Ever

It is time for a new post about my Flower paintings. I certainly have enough of them I have been painting flowers a lot lately. I must say I am very pleased with my work. I want to talk about my recent abstract impressionist flower paintings, especially the painting that I finished tonight. I love it! I’m so proud of myself! I worked hard on it. And because I painted each individual flower. And there were so many of them, it took me much more time painting this painting than my normal paintings usually take.

When I do paint my paintings I use many types of techniques to apply the paint to the surface that I am painting on. Very seldom do I use a paint brush because mostly I’m working with liquid paints. Plus I like not seeing brush strokes in my paintings.  I also like to use liquid paints because they blend together easier and they flow on a canvas easier. I love the way the colors mix together and sometimes you get special effects that you don’t plan on because of how they blend together in a liquid form and actually create a chemical reaction. We artists call them happy accidents.

Painting that way I feel helps me because I am an abstract painter. Well I was but not so much lately. It seems I have been painting lots o flowers. I think that I must really feel the influence of spring. I even bought plants started to try to grow things, which I don’t usually do. I say that because all of my plants usually die.

The painting I finished tonight is a painting of wall of flowers I guess you could say. One might look at it as a garden of flowers as well. I stuffed a lot of flowers on that canvas. It’s rather like an intended garden or a wall where the multicolored flowers of various sizes are just growing wild.

As you can see I used a real rainbow of colors. That really is my normal style. I know it’s certainly not the best strategy to create the most beautiful paintings possible, it’s hard for me to get away from using lots of hues. I just love using all of the different colors. I think with flowers I think I can get away with it better than I can with some other paintings.

This particular painting measures 40“ x 30“ on canvas. It is original I guess impressionist flower painting. I used just acrylic paint and some mediums. I love my painting. I think the flowers are so colorful they just want to jump off the canvas. I don’t usually praise my own work so highly but I think this may be the best thing I’ve ever painted. Perhaps one reason is because I actually painted this abstract impressionist flower painting.

I said it that way because a lot of times I pour my paint, which is much easier than painting each individual flower like I did on this painting. I think I have about 60 various size flowers on the canvas. You see some flowers are smashed up against the other ones. I said it was an untended garden.

I Love how the black background on this painting make the bright colors really stand out. Flowers are super popular hopefully this one will sell it should. I will price it low to help the process.

So despite all the work and the size of this painting I am going to ask only $299.99 for this original one-of-a-kind 40“ x 30“paining. I Think that is a blooming deal!

It is on canvas and it is not heavy, so I think I could ship anywhere in United States at a reasonable price. I don’t ship overseas as of yet. Contact me please if you are interested in sales information. Thanks you can use my email or call me preferably text me first so I will answer your call.
Darryl Green

P.S Below is my previous impressionist like flower painting. I’m asking only $199.99 for it of course it is another original one of a kind at a great price! It also measures 40 x 30 in. A nice large painting both of these flower paintings are perfect for almost any decor.